EVENT: Introduction to Podcast Excellence

An Exclusive Invitation For Business Owners, Coaches, Leaders & Ambitious Entrepreneurs.

How Kiwi Business Owners Can Tap Into The New ‘Audio Gold Rush’ – A Secret Weapon To Triple Revenue, Slash Marketing Costs, and Dominate Their Markets.

Frustrated you can’t make an impact in your market without spending lots of time and money on painful, ineffective marketing?

Do you wish new clients and customers would chase down your business and beg to work with you while you slash your marketing and advertising spend at the same time?

Are you aware there is a revolutionary – and currently overlooked – approach that quickly and easily places you as the trusted advisor and key person of influence in your industry?

For ambitious business owners and entrepreneurs in the Bay of Plenty, there is a brand new and unique opportunity to:

Now is your chance to take advantage of what Forbes magazine has described as ‘The Audio Goldrush’.

Have you ever thought about starting your own podcast?

The idea might have crossed your mind.

WTF Productions is hosting an invite-only ‘Introduction to Podcast Excellence’ masterclasses, presented by Guinness World Record Holder, podcast host and bestselling author Freddie Bennett and the WTF Productions team. There is no other event like this in New Zealand.

After all, podcasts have been a global phenomenon for the past ten years.

You might have heard about Joe Rogan, who sold his podcast to Spotify for USD $200 million.

Or Gimlet, who created a number of business and lifestyle podcasts who signed a deal with Spotify worth $340 million

Or Steven Bartlett, who enjoys $1.2 million passive revenue every year, thanks to his ‘Diary of a CEO’ podcast.

There are some proven reasons why podcasts are so popular…and so lucrative. Smart individuals who start a podcast enjoy the ability to:

Hit the Target – 45% of all podcast listeners earn over USD $75,000, with 16% of all listeners earning over USD $150,000

Capture Attention – 82% of podcast listeners have taken action based on the information they heard on a podcast.

Speak to an Engaged Audience – 93% of podcast listeners stay tuned for the entire episode. Podcast listeners are 11x more engaged than radio listeners, and 7x more likely to engage with a podcast than a Facebook or Google Ad.

Be where your customers and employees are – 75% of podcasts are listened to outside the home and are a refreshing ‘no screen’ engagement tool that is proven to win your customer’s hearts and minds.

While this audio format is well-established as a multi-billion dollar industry in Australia, the US and Europe, New Zealand is only at the beginning of its meteoric podcasting journey.

Stuff.co.nz recently revealed: “the new and unstoppable growth of podcasting… it’s fast-becoming our number one engagement format”.

No wonder podcasting in New Zealand has been described as the ‘Audio Gold Rush’.

It’s a new kind of answer to stand out and be heard in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

So What’s Stopping You?

If you’ve toyed with the idea of having your own podcast but then had your doubts, you’d be absolutely right.

After all, podcasts are easy to listen to, but difficult to create. Common challenges and pitfalls include:

✘ A lack of knowledge: “I’d like to start a podcast but I haven’t a clue where to begin”

✘ A lack of equipment: “You need to have expensive microphones, mixing desk and production equipment”

✘ A lack of skill: “I have no idea how to use complicated editing software, or how I’d mix and balance the audio”

✘ A lack of space: “I don’t have the time, space or money to create a studio in my home or office”

✘ A lack of expertise: “I wish I had someone by side who knows what they’re doing…someone who talks the talk and walks the walk.”

We used to feel like this. In fact, we used to feel like this until recently. But we found a way to tap into this gold rush, and we want to share it with you.

Who are we?

We are WTF! Productions, New Zealand’s fastest-growing independent podcast production company. We provide Hollywood-standard podcast and video production, supported by world-class strategy, creative, marketing and distribution services.

Got a dream of starting your own podcast? Want to stand out in your market? Open to bringing more revenue into your business for a fraction of the time or financial cost of social media or adverts? Or perhaps you just want to be seen, recognised…and heard.

We know what we’re talking about…

We have the expertise that has taken a podcast from an idea discussed around a table in a bar to the Apple global top 25 charts.

We’ve worked with and been featured by brands including the BBC, Men’s Health, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Virgin Atlantic, Vodafone, Amazon and many more.

Every single week we produce unique shows like Taming the Ferrets that are adored by thousands of listeners worldwide.

We’re regularly featured in the media, like this.

We even have a global podcast sensation, bestselling author and Guinness World Record holder on the team.

We know what it takes to get talked about in New Zealand…and heard around the world.

The Offer

WTF Productions holds a small number of exclusive, invite-only ‘Introduction to Podcast Excellence’ masterclasses throughout the year.

These 4-hour deep-dive events are a completely unique experience. They give ambitious business owners the answer to their questions:

Should I start a podcast?
How do I turn the dream into reality?
What’s the roadmap to success?
How do I gain the skills to be recognised and respected as a captivating podcast host?

There is no other event like this in New Zealand. The masterclass includes insights such as:

As an added bonus, the masterclass will also give you the opportunity to record your very own podcast audio trailer which you can keep digitally forever (this has a standalone value of $297 + GST).

What’s the investment?

One seat at the 4-hour ‘Introduction to Podcast Excellence podcast is $497 + GST.

The event takes place on Tuesday, October 25th, 9:30am – 1:30pm at the WTF! Productions Studio, Chapel Street, Tauranga.

Space at this masterclass is limited and this will be the final event of 2022.

Do you need to make this investment in order to start a podcast? No.

But when you consider that 90% of podcasts don’t make it past 3 episodes…

And 99% of podcasts don’t last beyond 20 episodes…

Are you really willing to gamble on your future success and reputation?

This is only the right choice for businesses and individuals who are looking to gain an unfair advantage in their markets and are open to investing in their future skills, knowledge, and success today.

Decide to be heard. You’ll be glad you did.


To secure your spot, simply fill in the form and WTF! Productions will get in touch.

WTF Productions is New Zealand’s leading independent podcast production company.


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