Above The Noise

Yup, there’s plenty of noise.

And we all want to cut through it…

But where to start?

You’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re an experienced podcaster, or a newbie with a great idea, but not sure who to talk to, TH POD HUB will help raise your voice ABOVE THE NOISE.


Talked About in New Zealand. Heard Around The World.

THE POD HUB previously known as WTF Productions is New Zealand’s leading independent podcast production company.

We give ambitious, disruptive businesses a unique platform to engage their markets, customers, suppliers and employees.

Headquartered in Tauranga (other locations opening in 2024), we provide Hollywood-standard podcast and video production, supported by world class strategy, creative, marketing and distribution services. This means our clients amplify their voices, engage their markets and dominate their industries through original branded content.

Our diversely talented team brings decades of experience. We combine veterans of the advertising industry, powerful business strategists, and serial entrepreneurs… and even a dual national sporting representative.

Our unique difference is that we have created some of the most powerful, talked-about and influential podcasts that have ever been made. We know what it takes to go from an idea to a global phenomenon…because we’ve been there, done that and recorded the podcast.

All you need to do is TALK … and we make sure the world will LISTEN.


Why would you want to start a podcast?

Hit the Target
45% of all podcast listeners earn over USD $75,000, with 16% of all listeners earning over USD $150,000
Engaged Audience
93% of podcast listeners stay tuned for the entire episode.
Capture Attention
82% of podcast listeners have taken action based on the information they heard on a podcast.
Be where your customers and employees are
75% of podcasts are listened to outside the home and are a refreshing ‘no screen’ engagement tool.
Become the leading authority
Podcasts allow you to tell your story and share your expertise with the world. People recall twice as much information from audio as they do from text, allowing you to make a lasting impression. Enjoy the success that comes with your ideal clients approaching YOU, because of your position of influence.
Increase employee engagement, reduce absence and attrition
HR directors describe podcasts as the ‘secret weapon’ to build employee engagement, connection and trust. This is especially powerful for remote workers and teams who are not office-based.
Promote your culture
Authenticity sells. Podcasts are a window into how your business operates and the people making the magic happen behind the scenes. This is the most powerful way to inform people who you are, what you stand for, and what they can expect.


Where to begin?

Want a powerful new channel that will effortlessly deliver more impact, more leads, more business more authority, more influence?

But don’t know where to begin?

We hear you.

Having your own podcast sounds great.

But the reality can be painful.

When you’re forced to wrestle with complicated planning processes, expensive production equipment, confusing and time-consuming editing, dealing with hosting and platform uploads every single week … and that’s before you even start to worry about how to ensure anyone actually LISTENS to what you have to say.

That’s why so many businesses say, “Maybe we should record our own podcast”, then – after hitting obstacle after obstacle – give up and miss the opportunity to become the leading authorities in their industry.

But with podcasting the fasting-growing media channel in New Zealand, businesses owners risk missing out on the ‘Audio Gold Rush’ and being left standing on the sidelines in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Now, for the very first time, WTF Productions allows businesses to own the narrative, grow their revenue, accelerate their impact, and build meaningful connections by creating extraordinary podcasts and experiences

WTF represents the disruptors, the innovators, the free-thinkers and those who want to be heard above the crowd.

We do things differently.

We take the pain out of podcasting by collaborating, challenging and confidently building our clients’ ability to establish their position as thought leaders, entertainers, thinkers and motivators.

The unique advantage of WTF lies with our ability to give businesses all the guidance, support, strategy and tactics they need to create a massive positive impact.

WTF provides local, on-site studio facilities that combine audio and visual equipment crafted in the German and Swiss workshops; Production expertise honed in Los Angeles, and; Marketing strategies tried and tested in London, Cape Town and New York…all delivered with a unique Kiwi twist.

We work with our clients to take an idea and transform it into an award-winning, chart-topping, customer-winning, employee-engaging product.

This can also include video production for YouTube, photoshoots, Instagram and TikTok content creation.

All YOU need to do is show up and talk about what you do best.

… WTF covers all the rest.

– Portfolio


THE POD HUB’s portfolio originally began with one production, their very own ‘Taming the Ferrets’ featuring international podcast heavyweight Freddie Bennett.

In this BOP business series, which soon earned the tag New Zealand’s most awarded podcast, the THE POD HUB team previously known as wtf productions went behind the scenes to talk to some of the Bay of Plenty region’s most interesting personalities. Take a listen.

Since Taming the Ferrets the wtf studio has never looked back – their portfolio continues to grow by the week.

Taming The Ferrets

Taming the Ferrets shares and dissects the stories behind local founders, entrepreneurs, leaders, figureheads, operators and employees.
“WTF has exploded onto the scene and disrupted an entire industry. Every business should be talking to their customers and employees. Which means EVERY business needs to talk to WTF first”
Bay of Plenty Business News

Meet The Team

Freddie Bennett

Freddie knows exactly how to take a podcast from an idea to the Apple Global Top 25 charts… because he did it.

Podcast host, Guinness World Record holder, Bestselling author, endurance athlete and owner of a marketing company that has delivered over $200m profits for his clients.

Freddie is a leading authority on how to create a compelling podcast that delivers huge positive impacts AND profits.

Alan Neben

Alan has 20+ years of media experience at the helm of some of New Zealand’s most well-known news providers.

In 2022 he joined forces with Freddie and Tony to meet the challenge of producing world-class podcasts from right here in New Zealand.

His vision: To make it simple for everyone … but really high quality.

Alan continues to have an active interest in influential regional New Zealand business publishing, as well as heading a specialist Kiwi news content provider.

Tony Snow

When it comes to leading modern businesses, Tony has a wealth of experience in business start-ups, tech infrastructure and company directorships.

Tony describes himself as an ‘active individual’, innovator, business mentor and family man. Although he is based in the Bay of Plenty, when asked, “Where do you work?” his response is typically Tony: ‘Wherever there is cloud!’

It was Tony’s obsession with the power of the podcast that led to him rounding-up like-minded podcast fanatics Alan and Freddie to form WTF!

Tony’s driving question: Where’s The Fun?